Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year 2014~!~!~!~!

Its New Year~! 2014,
First of all, happy new year to everyone~! May this year be a fruitful one to everyone...

Lets start by recapping on the things that happen in 2013.. (yes I know its a bit late since it is already 2014, but better late then nothing), here goes:

Jan -
1 Jan: I got proposed~! OMG!!! it was a meaningful change in my life, And it was busy busy busy preparation for wedding after that, well, that comes in to the story later...

Feb -
Last Chinese New Year receiving "Ang Pao", and spending time with family before i'm officially someone's wife

May, my birthday~! and the passing of my pet cat, xiao bai.. RIP

Jun, this is a busy busy month... with lots of activity:

Sister's graduation.. congratulation....
But I only have the photo of her visiting Melacca town... Zzzzz

also flying to the great ancient city of china - Beijing, with my beloved parents and my hubby

July - having our second pet... huang huang!!

Oct: my big day... my wedding day~! it was a tiring day, thanks to everyone who helped in the preparation and celebration.

And of coz.. our get away + honeymoon at Taiwan...

Nov- officially life as a wife, Hubby's birthday~!

We got a room at genting as well.....

Dec - a month where all the party and fun are..
won my first luckly draw~!

Visited our all time childhood friend, Doraemon!!! ang ang ang.....

Well, it was a very meaningful and special year... and it ended with a steamboat together with laughter and fun:

we went to tropicana for fireworks... but I don't have the photo with me now..
and this year, it started with the first gift from hubby, a balloon flower, so sweet of him:

Once again, Happy new year. wish you all the blessing and joy!!! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A New Start

It has been a long time since I update my blog...
will start updating...
looking forward~!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

last day of class

today was my last day of class in the university.. WAH~! i can't believe that time passes so fast~!
well.. i don't really have much to think now...
but i think before i end my university life, i must first finish my theses~!~!~!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Diabolo a day trip??

As some of you might know, i was really busy for the pass few weeks...

y?? because of a project that is need to be done.. that is to create a movie....

N yes, i have totally on how to create a movie.... if i know i will not be studying linguistic rite... ><

so i ask my teacher whether i can interview him.. he said yes,  n the next thing i know, i am already in the school where he teaches Diabolo.... ><

so, this is my another group member... her name is Behnaz.... ^^ we really took lots n lots of video... 

And this is of coz the most important person... my teacher... n also the person that i was interviewing... good man.. good man..

This picture i took when he was talking to his student on the performance that will be held on the next day.... they look so stress up... or are they???

well, this was some picture out of lots of them that was took in that school

how ever, as i mention earlier, i am NOT GOOD in creating a good video...

the making itself took me like one week.. ><>

Friday, January 08, 2010

few more days in spain

as some of you might know... it has been nearly a month... (izzit.. o more thn a month now) i am at spain.. an a few more days i will be back to Msia...

well, i really love spain... whn i first came here.. (salamanca) i felt in love with the slidely ancient taste city with a mixture of new modern life... it is not a big city.. but big enought to have everything in it... ^^

it is a city of my dream....

i felt really sad in the last day i staied in salamanca, till i cant sleep ... looking out the window thinking bout this spain... ensuring that  everything i c is carve into my memory....

after salamanca, i am at madrid now. the capital city of spain... although the city is big, with a lot of thingy inside... shopping place, bars, place to visit.. but i somehow couldn't love this coty as much as how i love salamanca.. haha.. i think i am a quite bored person...

lastly, really hope that i can come back n continue my studies in salamanca.. ¬! love spain... !!! 

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hi people, at last i'm back in updating my blog.. as in the previous one, i'm now at spain... 

so here are some pictures that i would like to show.....

well, when we reach here, it is the turning point of auturm to winter, so i have the chance to see the 2 season out of the four season... this is how it looks like with lots of leaves on the floor... ^^


continue on with the place i stay.. the city i'm staying now is call salamanca, and the street i'm in now is el calle professor saez, downstairs there are convenient store. so we can buy some stuff we wan from there, and it is very convenient to buy things i need to cook... n this is the small but complete kitchen we have..

of coz.. even u are going a place to study.. but in reality, u are there for site seeing... that happens to me as well... i like spending my time walking around looking at places.. .n you will be amaze of the things you will see... this is one of the place i visited.. it is not something very special. this is the canteen for the university student... which you can eat for a very cheap price with a lot of stuff... plus the view of the place is extreamlly beautiful...  as u can see from the pictures..

this is the place where i study.. well actually i'm in front of the office... so it is ot really "the place" i study... it is call aulas de la escuela, and the place i'm in now is escuelas menores.

ya, one more thing i would like to add.. on my way to spain, in the plan, i was very fortunate to have the oppotunity to c sunrise.. i think it was really a good way to start my trip in spain.. 

well this is all for now.. will update from time to time.. ^^

love n good luck~!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

halo there.....!!!!!

well, its been a long time since i go on9. for ur information, i´m currently in Spain.. yap, you heard me SPAIN..
haha shock, well i´m here just for a month, and will be back to malaysia on jan... just came here to take an intensive course, parcialy sponsore by the university.

i´m currently in a place call salamanca. which is at northwest of spain, 2 hours drive from madrid airport. this unic city is also a known as a city for student coz most of the people here are student of the university of salamanca and all the other things here are prepared best for student.
the weather here is very cold, but there is no snow, just strong wind and some rain. there are lots of people of different age, plus the the school n the city is merge together so to go to class, we will be walking pass houses, shops lots supermarket n more. for me it is very weird la, but getting use to it.

Things here are quite expensive.. exspecially food. so in order tp survive, i cook my self at home. the only thing which i can say it is cheap is their cloths. however, i found a place --> well, let me just call it as the student canteen, where with 3.60 euro (RM 18.00 ) i can have a bread (extreamly hard), a plate of salad, plate of meat and fries, fruit, water n yogurt. (considering this scheap in spain, usually food here cost me like 6-8 euro which is RM30-RM 40) haha.. so i´m officially undergoing a program call SAVE money..... wakakaka

anyways, at least i can still go on9 from time to time here which is free... thsnkz good ( the first few days, we cant find a place to go on9, n there is no connection in the house as well.)

well, will be updating from time to time about my spain trip + study

good luck everyone!!